Wrist Wraps


Easy fit flex

They are specially designed for youth and junior gloves. A simple process of securing the glove to the hand Highly elastic insert adapts to the hand's natural form offers better access optimal fit.


Integral Wrist Support

An elastic bandage lined with latex supports and protects the wrist. When combined with additional latex on the palm, this bandage latex enlarges the catching area for optimized ball control.


Classic Wrist Wrap

An elastic bandage in a classic design provides an optimal fit, additional wrist support, and protection.


Double Wrap Over

A unique double wrap over the wrist, especially for rough pitches, is twice wrapped around the wrist for more aggressive playing.


Latex Wrist bandage

It is a special wristband used for unique glove models. Latex helps improve the grip of the glove when soaked in water. The purpose-built elastic neoprene ensures a perfect fit every time. Additional wrist protection keeps the hand and wrist warm on wet days.


Double Fit

The elastic wrist bandage features two different ways of locking the straps situated at the base of the glove and cross-hand to result in a better overall fit.