Air Mesh

AirMesh improves the breathability properties of the glove. Strategically added to the upper hand & the side fingers of the gloves, Air Mesh is vital to keep the wearer's hands dry at all times.


Extra Padded

Unique memory foam is padded inside the glove to provide maximum comfort, cushioning, and protection for the keeper.


Extended Palm

The wristband has latex cushioning on the inside, just below the palm, giving a bigger contact surface for better grip & increased protection.


Punch Control

An impact-absorbing pad in the glove, with a high-grip abrasion-resistant surface, helps protect hands when punching the ball and makes the glove more durable.


3D Emboss

3D Embossed is used in high impact areas to protect the body from shock forces. This superb technology protects from impact without restricting movement or interfering with natural athletic performance.
3D Embossed also provides a rebound effect and is used in the punch zone of our Elite level gloves. Helping the goalkeeper with distance when punching, without any discount or additional weight within the backhand.


Finger Save

The advanced finger save is designed like a snake's backbone to support the keeper's fingers. When inserted into each finger & thumb of the glove, the finger-save prevents straining, bending & hyper-extending of the finger while fighting for the ball and catching hard-hit shots.
The FingerSaves can be removed & replaced if broken.


Anti Slip

Special german silicon is pasted on the backhand of the inside of the gloves to improve grip. It makes the glove fit more naturally to the wearer's hands.


Pull Loop

A loop at the cuff band helps in easy wearing and removal of the glove.


Sports Knuckles

By integrating ergonomically molded latex elements inside the fingers of the glove, the finger tubes cling snugly to the skin of your fingers, reducing slippage and providing a glove feel like no other. This technology brings you closer to your game than ever before.


Double Fist

Palm protection pads placed on the most used part of the palm help to save your glove from abrasion and damage. An ergonomically shaped added layer, textured and made of unique latex, Double Grip keeps your glove's palm performing and stopping shots game after game.