Mouth Guard Care

How To Custom Fit The
Kickout Mouthpiece?
Note: Be sure to read these instructions 
thoroughly before fitting the mouthpiece.

1) Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and
bite down gently. If the mouthpiece presses on
the back of your mouth, it is necessary to trim
the back of the mouthpiece. To trim, use scissors
and cut carefully along the first guide
marking. Start trimming from the back end of
the mouthpiece. Place the mouthpiece in your
mouth; repeat the trimming process until
the mouthpiece fits your teeth, gums, and
mouth comfortably.

2) Fill a pot with enough water to completely
submerge the mouthpiece. Bring the water to a
rapid boil. Fill a second container with enough
COLD water to completely submerge the

3) Remove the pot of boiling water from the
heat. Set the container of cold water near the
boiling water. Use a metal tablespoon to sub-
merge the mouthpiece into the boiling water.
Be sure that immediately after twelve seconds,
you use the metal spoon to quickly
remove the mouthpiece from the boiling water
and immediately place it into the cold water
for only two seconds. (Note: The mouthpiece
will be distorted if left in boiling water over
twelve seconds.)

4) Shake off excess water and immediately
insert the mouthpiece into your mouth.

5) Mold the mouthpiece to your teeth and
gums by gently biting down on the mouthpiece.
Suck on the mouthpiece to mold it to the front
of your teeth while pressing the mouthpiece
with your tongue to mold it to the back of your
teeth. Be careful not to bite through the mouth-
piece. Mold the mouthpiece to your mouth by
biting down gently but firmly for at least one

6) Remove the mouthpiece and cool it in cold
water for approximately one minute.

7) Check the fit of the mouthpiece. If the fit is not
comfortable, repeat the fitting process beginning
with step 2.

8) After using the mouthpiece, it should be
rinsed in cold water or a mouth wash and
stored in a plastic container.
Warning: If you intend to use this mouthpiece
while wearing a dental appliance, consult a
dentist to ensure you are not risking the breakage
of such an appliance. All contact sports subject
the user of this product to potentially serious
injuries. This product will provide a degree of
protection but is not warranted to protect the
user from injury. Users of this product must
assume all risks of injury.