Are generally the standard Latex used in most gloves; the thickness varies considerably. It's a good latex and has less chemical treatment than others. It is made from a more complex compound and can stand up well, even though it is called 'super soft,' but does lack the stickiness of other latex gloves. It also does well without needing to be dampened, thus making it a good middle of summer latex. This is a great palm latex recommended for playing on natural grass; by its very soft composition, it shows up even more robust in terms of grip, damping qualities, and grip.



It is Latex with an excellent reputation because of its outstanding performance. The inside of Latex adheres to your hand, staying in place all the time. It makes you feel that your glove and your hand are the same things. The Duo is the most favorable grip for professional keepers on the ground. It has the best fit and shock absorption.

Wet & Dry

Wet & Dry super sticky 4mm German Latex is the top quality Latex used in the world. It will provide exceptional grip and offer a great feel for the ball. It's recommended to pre-wet the glove for the best results in the field. Wetting the Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex and decrease the wear on the glove.


The Contact/professional Latex. It is excellent in any condition and will require slight wetting of the glove in dry conditions for optimal performance. The inside of the glove has a dynamic grip. Which, when warm, adheres to your hand to help prevent the glove from moving or shifting. It has a special plastic coating on the palm for the best grip after removing.

Giga Grip

Giga Grip offers good gripping properties due to a combination of natural softness and its chemically enhanced treatment. It must be kept slightly damp to provides a good performance. It is an excellent all-around latex. It is a great entry-level pro latex.

 Mega Grip

The Mega Grip is high-quality and highly soft latex foam with excellent properties. Its composition of natural and synthetic Latex generates an improved grip and ball control. It can be used in various weather conditions.

New Basic

The high-grade palm with a smooth surface is especially suited for beginners. By its particular composition, the New Basic grip offers reliable grip and damping qualities.

Super Low

Latex with good performance and durability for all weather conditions and specially designed for trainers on the ground.

Rough Profile

Specially formulated for hard surfaces, this unique Latex offers rough texture on the Latex for better performance on the rugged and uneven grounds. It has amazing absorption properties.